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Polymer clay for making flowers Modena, white (translucent), 250 g

Polymer clay for making flowers Modena, white (translucent), 250 g

Polymer clay for making flowers Modena, white (translucent), 250 g

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Modena is air dry clay, soft very flexible. It is also called cold porcelain, but flexible porcelain.

Dries with translucent waterproof. Virtually unbreakable. It can be used to create colored clay by mixing oil paints. All varnish is also accepted.

It is ideal for making flowers, lamp shade with the translucent light, sweets, and accessories.

It is non-toxic. You can use a bond, glue or water to join the cured modena pieces. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or wood formo. Modena series clay contains high percentage of resin so it is very flexible.

Made in Japan by Padico.

Instructions for use cold porcelain

  • If you want to use cold porcelain, open the package completely. Take off all the plastic and wrap it in a new piece of foil. (spray the foil thinly with baking spray, only with the fresh porcelain)
  • If the paste is very moist, you can let it dry a little before use without covering it in the air.
  • If it sticks to your rolling pin or cellboard in the beginning, you can rub it with a little grease (baking spray or baby oil) or use a little cornstarch, only if the paste is very moist. Do not use too much of the cornstarch because your porcelain will dry too quickly.
  • While working you notice that the porcelain is getting stiffer, it is best to cover the porcelain and pack it safely after use. This way your porcelain remains in optimal condition.
  • If you want to use the Porsina faster and don't want to wait until it is a bit drier, you can mix in the Modena: proportion 1 to 4. Then it is immediately firmer to work. Especially in high humidity this is very nice way to use clay.
  • Always use white dye in your porcelain, whatever color you make afterwards. If you do not use white, your workpiece will become translucent / glassy and the color pigments will become more difficult and less beautiful afterwards.
  • If the porcelain has become a bit dry after frequent rolling out, you can knead a piece of fresh porcelain or a little boiled water.
  • Always store your porcelain in an airtight container with a damp cloth, so that you can keep the opened packaging for a long time.

There are different types of Porcelain on the site. Each brand has its own structure, but the basis is the same.

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