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Sculpey clay conditioning machine

Sculpey clay conditioning machine

Sculpey clay conditioning machine

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Makin's ultimate clay machine

By using a pasta machine, you can quickly roll out several sheets of clay to stack layers and apply the mokume gane technique to create anything you want.

Clay machine use and care information


Changing the settings:

Note: #1 is the thickest setting on the machine and #9 is the thinnest. Always start with the thickest setting and work down to the thinnest setting. To change the setting, pull out the numbered knob and turn the dial to the desired number. Release knob to lock in place.

Initial cleaning before first use: run disposable wipes through the machine repeatedly to remove any manufacturing residue.


The clay machine creates flat sheets of oven-bake clay in nine different thickness settings. It can also be used to help knead 2 or more colors together. To begin start with the #1 setting. Before putting the clay through the rollers, flatten it with your hands or cut pieces so that they are slightly thicker than opening between the rollers. Do not force excessively thick pieces of clay through the rollers as this may cause damage to the machine. Do not turn handle backwards as this causes a buildup of clay behind the rollers. Roll oven-bake clay and flexible textured sheets through the machine to add designs to clay.

Always use the C clamp when using the clay machine. Set your clay machine on the edge of a table or work surface. Insert the C clamp into the large hole on the side ot the clay machine. Twist the handle of the C clamp to the right until the unit is securely fastened to the table. To unfasten the C clamp simply twist the handle to the left until it is loose.

Cleaning and care of rollers:

Rub a dry paper towel or disposable wipe firmly against bottom of rollers under the machine. Do not use sharp objects to scrape clay off of rollers. Use only soft tools with your clay machine. Avoid scratching the roller or the side bars with sharp objects. Do not insert tools under the side bars to remove excess clay as this may damage the machine and result in uneven rolling.

Safety: the clay machine is designed for use with oven-bake clay. DO NOT USE WITH FOOD.

Caution: this machine is for adult use only. The opening on the rollers may be large enough for small fingers to get pinched between the rollers.

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