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Air dry modelling clay JOVI, GREY, 500 g

Air dry modelling clay JOVI, GREY, 500 g

Air dry modelling clay JOVI, GREY, 500 g

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Paste for modeling and modeling JOVI Air Dry

Paste for modeling and modeling JOVI Air Dry 500 gr., hardening in air. The color of the paste is grey. The paste (plastic) is completely ready for use, it resembles clay in its properties, but it is easier to work with it. Modeled by hand, if necessary, you can use special stacks and tools. JOVI Air Dry paste is plastic, easily molded, rolled, cut, takes any shape, does not stick to hands. It hardens in air, after drying it becomes very durable, does not crack.

The hardening time of JOVI Air Dry depends on the air temperature and humidity level in the room and ranges from 24 to 48 hours. The finished product can be painted with paints and decorated using various techniques. Perfect for home, school, art studio and professional use. JOVI Air Dry washes off easily from hands, clothing and work surfaces.

Paste composition: water, calcium carbonate, cellulose, kaolin, preservative, pigment.

Country of origin Spain.

Tips for working with JOVI Modeling Paste:

1. The packaging of the paste in production takes place without access to oxygen in order to preserve the plastic properties of the product.As soon as you open the package and air gets into the bag, the self-hardening process will start. Therefore, beforehand, prepare a plastic container with a lid or a tightly closed bag to transfer the paste there.

2. While working, pinch off small pieces, and store the rest of the paste in a closed container or bag.

3. Paste can get your hands dirty, so keep wet wipes with you while you work.

4. Use special spatulas and stacks for work.

5. If, while working, you notice that the paste has begun to harden or crumble, moisten your fingers a little and knead the paste. Do not use a lot of water, this may cause cracking of the finished product after drying. If all the same cracks appear, they can be rubbed with a damp paste and allowed to dry.

6. Leave the finished product to dry at room temperature. No need to put the craft on the battery, burn it in the oven or use additional heat sources. Rapid and uneven evaporation of moisture from the finished product can lead to cracking and deformation.

7. After drying, the color of the paste becomes lighter by one or two tones.

8. The finished product should be painted only after it has completely dried - after 24-48 hours. Any acrylic paints and gouache are suitable for painting; to use watercolors, the finished product must first be primed. Additional protection to your work will give a layer of varnish.

9. An unused piece of paste can be stored for an average of 2 months to 1 year. To do this, wrap the paste tightly in several layers of polyethylene or cling film and place it in a plastic container or vacuum bag to be safe. Store at room temperature. Do not expose to sub-zero temperatures!

10. Modeling paste, like all products of the JOVI trademark, is absolutely harmless and does not contain harmful and toxic components, but like any clay or modeling paste, it has hygroscopic properties, therefore, sometimes, after working with it, dry skin of the hands is observed ( individually). To do this, after working with the paste, wash your hands with soap and apply a moisturizer.

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