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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Security of your data

We appreciate your trust to our online store, so commit to the processing of registration data to observe the Law on the Protection of Personal Data:

Amount of processing data

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» undertakes to collect and store only the personal data that are required for commercial activities of Ltd. "DekoPasaule". Ltd. «DekoPasaule» shall also make every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the processed personal data specified by the client, to show to clients how to enter correctly and in full their data.

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» will process personal data in order to ensure their confidentiality and use all appropriate means and tools to prevent any unauthorized access. Ltd. «DekoPasaule» collects and stores personal data only for the needs of the duties Ltd. «DekoPasaule» in accordance with the regulations.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, except in cases where this data subject's consent, it is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations Ltd. «DekoPasaule» and the data subject or otherwise allowed or established in accordance with applicable regulations.

Data actualization

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» undertakes to ensure the accuracy of personal data and relies on its customers, suppliers and other third parties that transmit personal data, that they will ensure the completeness and correctness of transfered personal data.

If necessary, the data subject has the right at any time to modify, amend or delete personal data about him, stored in his user account.

Data security and their use

If the customer has decided to register on the website, the customer is requested to provide information on his name, last name, phone number, e-mail addresses and other data. Ltd. «DekoPasaule» has the right to use the information to personalize and improve it`s website. This can be expressed as, for example, but not limited to, promotional offers, which are prepared in accordance with the previous purchase of the client and that the client provided online or by using e-mail with the required consent of the client, or in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If the customer wishes to receive information about promotions and news of Ltd. «DekoPasaule», then in the registration form client should note the text box «I agree to receive the latest information from Ltd. «DekoPasaule»».

The client can not transmit and allow the use to third parties, assigned to him username and password.

Customer is responsible for all activities that occur from his registered account and placed information, as well as for maintaining the confidentiality of password and account.

Customer has no right to perform actions against the safety of the system. In the case of detection of violations SIA "DekoPasaule" reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services without warning and explanation.

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» will process personal data in order to ensure their confidentiality and apply internal procedures and controls to prevent unauthorized use of personal data, access, distribution, copying, modification or damage, as well as apply all reasonable means to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal data.

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» will process personal data in good faith and in accordance with the law and will not use the personal data for purposes that do not meet the purposes for which Ltd. «DekoPasaule» get personal data.

Personal customer data accumulated by Ltd. «DekoPasaule» processed to: fulfill orders; help improve site and the availability of information to customers online; provide clients with information about products and services of Ltd. «DekoPasaule»; for the needs of order fulfillment, customer support, payment execution and service delivery; and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Order goods and services online

If the customer wishes to order online, Ltd. «DekoPasaule» need to know the name, e-mail address, phone number, postal address of the client and the data related to the implementation of payment (e.g. credit card number and expiration date). Then Ltd. «DekoPasaule» will ensure full implementation of customer order and inform about the status of the order.

The data such as "cookie"

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» has the right to collect data about web users, using data such as "cookie", to improve the services available to users. "Cookies" are data that a web site places on users' computers to identify the user and to facilitate the use of the website. Web browser can be configured that way to warn the customer about the use of "cookies" and allows to choose whether the client wants to accept them.

Access to personal data

Based on reasonable written request, Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "inform data subjects about:

  • Personal data which Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "processes in respect of his; sources of data (if regulations permit it to disclose);
  • The date when they were made recent changes to the personal data;
  • Aims to achieve that personal data are processed; data recipients or categories of recipients of the data;
  • And if the information is processed automatically.


Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "perform the necessary actions to correct or delete any inaccuracies in Personal Data, which reported directly or using the available services. Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "within the real possibilities will inform recipients of clients' personal data about such changes. However, Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "has the right to restrict access, the ability to correct or delete the data in accordance with applicable regulations. Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "can develop rules for access to personal data, including to establish procedure and the fee for access.

Editing or deleting personal data

If necessary, the data subject has the right at any time to modify, amend or delete personal data that is stored in his user account.

If the user wishes to refuse further receive messages, to completely remove his personal data from the service, or have any questions about use of personal data, please contact Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "by e-mail or by calling +371 27881581

Correction and changes in privacy policy

Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "can make changes to these Privacy terms and conditions at its discretion. Data privacy protection rules are available on the website of Ltd. «DekoPasaule» "and apply from the date of publication of the relevant edition.


Security conditions - Secure Shopping

To protect the confidentiality of commercial transactions and secure online shopping in online store, we use a secure connection technology SSL (SecureSocketLayer), which is one of the most popular in the world. That means we encrypt your contact and financial information by entering it on the Internet, and safely store it on our servers.


To make sure that you are on a secure web page, look for the icon located on the right side of address bar – the lock. This icon confirms that you are visiting safe website. Security certificate details can be found by clicking on the lock.


Secure Address Bar

Buying on the website, buyers use electronic payment system Paypal (which will open in a new window search engine), so for this information is not available.

Safety of gift sertificates

Security of gift certificates distributed by "DekoPasaule", provides inflicted on them unique barcode. They help to identify the gift, so you can use it only once.