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8 June, 2021
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Mug with polymer clay decor. Birds and flowers, asssembling composition. A quick video about assembling polymer clay parts into a single composition and tinting clay with alcohol ink. ...
7 June, 2021
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Peonies on the mug, from oven-bake polymer clay. DIY This cup is very beautiful. A little patience and you will be able to make the same mug. You can find all the needed supplies in our store - www.po...
4 June, 2021
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How to decorate jar for sweets with polymer clay decor, DIY. This tutorial shows how to decorate a glass jar, using polymer clay. We have created our own small kit for beginners and kids, to make the first steps in...
1 June, 2021
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How to soften hard and old oven-bake polymer clay How to soften hard and old oven-bake polymer clay In this video, you can see how to soften old and hard polymer clay. Some tips and tricks. For soft clay visi...