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Cernit Magic Mix softener, 80 ml

Cernit Magic Mix softener, 80 ml

Cernit Magic Mix softener, 80 ml

  • Brand: Cernit
  • Weight: 90g
  • Availability: 11
  • 5.95€

Barcode: 5411711455280

SKU: 5001050010014


The Cernit Magic Mix is used to soften the clay which is a little firm. If you have polymer clay which is crumbly or hard, you can recover it very easily! It is a plasticizer used for the polymer clay. Mix it little by little with the clay until you get the desired consistency. Use with a clay to recover or simply to give more elasticity to your clay. Thus, it will be even more stretchable! Once cooked, your clay is unbreakable!

To create a clay effect "chewing gum", add even more Magic Mix with the Cernit colour of your choice! Continue adding the miracle product to get a liquid polymer of your favourite colour in order to assemble your pieces with the colour of your choice!

Use the Magic Mix also to remove fingerprints on the fresh clay. Gently apply the product to the surface to make it smooth.

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