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Makin's ultimate clay machine

Makin's ultimate clay machine

Makin's ultimate clay machine

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Makin's ultimate clay machine

Makin's Professional Clay Machine is a roller, clay machine, pasta machine driven by means of hand pressure (or optional motor driven pressure).

Especially for the rolling out of modeling substances.

Equipped with 9 settings, # 1 is the thickest. Extra wide rollers for maximum sheet width of 17.5 cm. It's possible to roll out up to 9 adjustable thicknesses, from about 1.0 to 3.5 mm.

High-gloss chromed metal. Separate reversing plate, also for better structure rigidity.

Separate table screw clamp for good stability. Can be used for any type of clay.

Knead hard clay gently before putting it in the machine.

Maintenance of the machine: When using different Makin's Clay colours clean the machine in-between with a cloth because otherwise traces of paint may end up in the following colors. Also clean the parts of the casing around the roller occasionally with a cleaning cloth. In any case never clean the machine with water or in the dishwasher. Never clean the roller with a knife or a cloth run through it.

Always store the machine and equipment after use in the original packaging.

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