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Metallic pigments SAHARA, blue, 10 g

Metallic pigments SAHARA, blue, 10 g

Metallic pigments SAHARA, blue, 10 g

  • Weight: 10g
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Barcode: 21820018

SKU: 5001080020018

PIGMENTS COLOR BASED, ideal for cutting, decorating and everything related to DIY.

By simply adding them to resins, paints or varnishes, you can express your creativity through really lively nuances.

High gloss metallic pigments compatible with epoxy resins, acrylics, polyurethanes, paints and any artistic material. Ideal for creating resin tables, handmade creations, craftsmen's furniture.

By mixing 2-3 pigments together, you will get fantastic new shades. This allows to obtain the effect "veined" (see photo).

Non-toxic: you will not have fears to use them for creations, artistic works or crafts. Made with non-toxic materials, feel free to use it.

Excellent for home decoration, jewelry making, clothing accessories and other handicrafts.

Used to coat wooden and resin tables, to make resin-based paints.

Made in Italy.

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