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Protoplast moldable plastic, 125g

Protoplast moldable plastic, 125g

Protoplast moldable plastic, 125g

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Easy-to-form PROTOPLAST thermoplastic with a low melting point, which can be reheated and cured an unlimited number of times after curing.


PROTOPLAST molding plastic, placed in water at approximately 60 ° C, becomes transparent and easy to form by hand.

As it cools, the material hardens in the prescribed form.

Visual and technical properties are very similar to nylon, it can be further processed, drilled, cut, etc.

POTOPLAST is safe and completely biodegradable.

 The plastic formed by PROTOPLAST offers endless possibilities and is widely used for such purposes as:

         repair work;

         modeling, prototyping;

         support templates;

         clamps for making jewelry;

         orthopedic accessories, splints;

         wall pins;

         educational and instructive use;

         child-friendly - non-toxic and reusable;

         it is possible to obtain colored elements by mixing pigments;


         environmentally friendly, organically compostable;

         and much more.

Protoplast is white, but it is possible to add pigments to obtain other colors, as well as to paint when the desired result is achieved.

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