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Sculpey silicone mold for plastic, "Boho Chic", 9.5*12.4 cm + squeegee

Sculpey silicone mold for plastic, "Boho Chic", 9.5*12.4 cm + squeegee

Sculpey silicone mold for plastic, "Boho Chic", 9.5*12.4 cm + squeegee

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Sculpey silicone molds for your artworks.

Some of the molds are also available in our local store in stock, but it`s better to order the needed mold in our online store before visiting our store. Therefore, you can be sure they will be available.

Oven safe silicone mold. Simple to use. Perfect for oven-bake clay and Liquid Polymer Clay. Quickly and easily add detailed elements to jewelry, home decor, paper crafting and more. Perfect compliment to our Keepsake Frame and Ornament Kit.

Work with polymer clays, air dry and non-dry modelling clays, plaster of Paris, craft soap and candle wax!

1) Fill the mass to be used in the mold, if necessary, wait until it hardens.

2) Leave the template for a while and carefully remove the finished element.

3) Recommendation! When working with polymer clay (plastic), do not leave it in the form for a long time.


The life cycle of a silicone mold when working with epoxy resin is about 25 uses (depending on the aggressiveness of the resin). After that, the silicone mold loses its properties and qualities. May start to tear.

Working with other, non-aggressive materials like clay, the life cycle of the mold is almost endless.

Working with polymer clay, in order to remove the finished detail from a deep mold, you can bake the silicone mold with a polymer in it in the oven. Silicone molds safely withstand up to 163°C (325.4°F). (Not suitable for food). The baking temperature for polymer clay can be found on your polymer clay package. Also, you can freeze the mold with the polymer in it for 5-20 minutes in the freezer and then remove the detail. Use this tip for any mold from our store.

Thin shapes can be removed from the form by simply folding the shape.

Look for tips on how to use our silicone molds on our YouTube channel PolymerClayLatvia

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