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Silicone veiner, Poinsettia leaf realistic, (mold size ~ 6 cm) + 5 cutters

Silicone veiner, Poinsettia leaf realistic, (mold size ~ 6 cm) + 5 cutters

Silicone veiner, Poinsettia leaf realistic, (mold size ~ 6 cm) + 5 cutters

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Vainer is a double-sided realistic print of the petals and leaves of real plants. By squeezing the material between the two halves of the vainer, you get a realistic texture. Vainers are used not only by confectioners, but also used in soap making, in working with cold porcelain and polymer clay. As a result, you will get very realistic products.

In our store you can choose vainers for your work. A wide selection of the most popular shapes and vainers are offered.

With the help of a silicone vainers you will get flower petals, plant leaves very similar to the real ones, as the clear texture of a petal or leaf is transmitted. A bouquet made of polymer clay or mastic looks like a bouquet of fresh flowers!

The white vainers in our store are made from non-food grade silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F).

Recommendations for using silicone vainers:

1. Vainer must be clean and dry. When working with cold porcelain or marshmallow clay, we recommend lubricating the vainer and molds with baby oil.

2. Prepare the clay of the desired size and thickness. Make the shape of a petal or leaf and then texture it with a vainer, holding the clay between the two halves of the vainer.

3. Put prepared clay on one part of the vainer, press on top with the other part of the vainer. Were you satisfied with the result? Pull out the resulting shape.

Polymer clay cutters

These are handmade metal shapes for polymer clay! Shapes are hand bent and can differ from the picture and each other!

These little things are originally used in electrical works, but creative people around the world found a use for them in polymer clay arts. This is a set of star mini cutters perfect for cutting, texturing and modelling any raw clay (polymer clay, fimo, premo, sculpey, kato, cernit, decoclay, etc) and also cake decorations (fondant, sugarpaste, etc). Can be used to cut, impression or texture polymer or metal clay.

Leaves no seam marks.

Cutters will greatly facilitate your work if you need to make many identical elements, moreover, some shapes are quite difficult to cut with a simple knife.

Colour may vary depending on the package. Cutter size and shape can vary +/- 1 mm.

Please refer to other pictures to see the package. Cutters are packed in strong, beautiful and convenient boxes. The boxes ensure the safety of cutters during transportation, and it is also convenient to store cutters in them. When ordering several sets of cutters, they are packaged in one larger box.


You can cut a shape out or into the clay (clay not included, only for demonstration purposes). For cutting out, stick the clay on a tile or glass so that the shape won't stay in the shape. You can use the food film to cut the shapes. The cutters can also be used for creating beads of exactly the same size or in graded sizes.


Cutters are handmade and might slightly differ from the picture and each other! All our cutters are suitable for working with polymer clays Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit, Pardo and metal clays and for modeling cold porcelain flowers using the "ceramic floristic" technique. Most cutters are made of steel, so they can be used when working with food mastic and marzipan.

If there are pieces of polymer clay left on the cutting form, it is enough to wipe it with a dry cloth. When working with plastics of different colors, it is recommended to wipe the cutters after each of them so as not to stain the next layer.

You may watch our video with Tips and Tricks on how to use mini cutters for polymer clay on our YouTube channel PolymerClayLatvia

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