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Silk Screen Sculpey, 2 sheets, Nature

Silk Screen Sculpey, 2 sheets, Nature

Silk Screen Sculpey, 2 sheets, Nature

  • Brand: Sculpey
  • Weight: 23g
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Barcode: 715891500194

SKU: 5001120010014

Quickly and easily add intricate designs and creative flourishes to any of your projects!

These highly detailed Silk Screens are a fun and easy way to personalize projects.

The set includes: Large pattern 11.4*15.1 cm (Boho Feathers), 4 cm 6 round patterns (vine, desert, agate, butterfly, tree bark, and deco palms).


  1. Roll out a flat sheet of clay to desired thickness.
  2. Choose the silk screen pattern for your project.
  3. Remove the backing paper from silk screen and position the screen shiny side down on top of the sheet of clay, smoothing the screen with your fingers to eliminate any wrinkles.
  4. Squeeze a line of paint above your pattern. Place the squeegee above the line of paint and pull down with light and even pressure. Do this until the entire design is covered with paint.
  5. While paint is still wet, carefully remove the silk screen and immediately place the silkscreen and squeegee in warm water. Gently rub the paint off using your fingers and lay screen flat on a paper towel to dry. Do not allow paint to dry on the screen.
  6. Bake the clay piece according to the clay manufacturer's instructions. Allow to completely cool.

Helpful tips: To easily clean the screen and squeegee, keep a warm bowl of water next to your workspace. If you are making a project that is rounded or curved - silkscreen your design on a flat piece of clay, allow the paint to air dry for several minutes and then cut and shape as desired.

Silk screens work best with acrylic paints - try using your favorite colors for a custom look.

If paint gets on your hands or workspace, clean up with soap and water. Silk screens work great on unbaked or baked clay, wood and paper.

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