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Cernit, Two-component finish varnish, 120 ml, 60 ml

Cernit, Two-component finish varnish, 120 ml, 60 ml

Cernit, Two-component finish varnish, 120 ml, 60 ml

  • Brand: Cernit
  • Weight: 180g
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  • 16.97€

Barcode: 5411711450162

SKU: 5001050010011

The Cernit Finish Glass Kit is a transparent varnish based on epoxy resin with 2 components.

It has a very strong and very glossy crystal effect finish.

Suitable for different techniques to obtain a hardness and transparency similar to glass. Can be used on wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, cardboard and other surfaces.

It allows to achieve thick layers perfectly levelled and whithout bubbles.

It is also possible to add layers progressively when drying to get 3D effects.

Can be coloured with solvent-based colors. Drying time 12 to 24 hours (depending on the humidity and temp)

Contains: 1 bottle 120 ml of component A (Epoxy resin) + 1 bottle 60 ml of component B (hardener) + 1 measuring cup + 2 plastic gloves + 1 wooden stick to prepare the mixture + 1 manual with different techniques.


  1. Measure 2 parts of component A (resin), add 1 part of component B (hardener)
  2. Shake the mixture energetically for about 2 minutes, it's very important that it's well mixed
  3. Apply with a brush (it have to be cleaned with a solvant) or directly from the container in which the mixture was made. Pour on the surface uniformly with a spatula.

Clean equipment with a solvant cleaner.

The unused mixture will begin to thicken after ~ 15 mn, making it unusable.

Avoid contact with dust on the surface during drying time.

Made in Belgium.

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