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Darwi, varnish gloss, 30 ml

Darwi, varnish gloss, 30 ml

Darwi, varnish gloss, 30 ml

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Darwi alcohol-based protective lacquer is clear after drying. It gives your work a ceramic finish and it is also resistant to any damage!
It is used to protect your creations with Darwi self-hardening clay or Darwi Form plaster. You can also varnish various objects
that you want to protect or paintings.
All these varnishes are water resistant. If you dive into the water a realization of Darwi self-hardening clay coated with a double layer of
Darwi varnish, you will notice that it starts to whiten. Do not worry ! Once dry, the varnish regains its transparency and your
creation has not been damaged by water.
The matte and glossy declinations are also available in spray to guarantee a uniform application in every nook and cranny.
Pay attention to the use of the spray which should ideally be done outdoors.

How to use the alcohol-based Darwi varnish?

Prepare the surface where you will apply this protective varnish. It must be clean and dry.
If applied on a wet surface, a milky haze will appear in the varnish and the resistance will be reduced.
The whitish appearance will disappear once everything is dry.
After applying a thin coat of paint with a brush, you notice that the brush streaks disappear after a few minutes.
The varnish flattened, starting to dry. Wait 3 hours before applying a second coat. After 3 layers you will notice the very
aesthetic "ceramic" finish that appears.
Clean your tools with Darwi Brush Cleaner or with a degreaser such as alcohol, ethanol or methanol.

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