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Fimo Air Basic modelling clay, grey, 500 g

Fimo Air Basic modelling clay, grey, 500 g

Fimo Air Basic modelling clay, grey, 500 g

  • Brand: FIMO
  • Weight: 500g
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  • 3.45€

Barcode: 4007817089101

SKU: 5001060010013

Fimo® air basic molding compound Art. No. 8100


The mass is soft, ready for shaping, hardens in contact with air at room temperature, no need to heat.

The mass contains 97% natural materials and is therefore especially suitable for children.

Can be post-treated when fully cured. Do not heat in the microwave or oven!

Instructions for use and safety information:

Fimo® air light basic modeling clay is not a toy. Save the package!

The mass of Fimo® air basic can be kneaded and shaped. Modeling tools or similar household items can be used in the work process.


The curing process must not be accelerated, for example by placing on a radiator or in the sun, as this may promote the formation of cracks.

Processing of the model (drilling, gluing, painting, varnishing) can be continued when it has completely hardened.

Curing process:

The created object hardens in a few days, depending on its thickness.

During the curing process, the object must be rotated several times to allow it to harden on all sides.


water evaporates from the material during the curing process. This reduces the surface by about 7%.


store the building mass in the original packaging at room temperature.


The material can be disposed of in normal household waste.

Forming and hardening: it is best to use foil or plastic material for the work surface,

this will facilitate the removal of the model and leave a clean work surface.

To prevent the material from sticking to the roller, apply foil to the rolling surface.

Prepare a container with water for moistening hands and tools.

If a work break is necessary, spray the model with water and put it in an airtight material.

It's also a way to preserve an open package and leftover material, but it must be used within a month.

For larger models, it is recommended to embed foil or foam materials, as this saves modeling material and drying time.

To be more stable, use wire or wooden scaffolding for narrowed or enlarged parts.

A glass or bottle base is suitable for vases. Before connecting the parts, moisten the contact points a little.

The surface is easier to shape if you wet your fingers or a shaping spatula.

If cracks have formed during drying, they can be filled with new material.

Place the flat surface on paper, foam or other air-permeable material to ensure even drying.

The model will look more interesting if you stamp various textures on the surface, for example with the help of a stamp, comb, leaf.

A slightly dried mass can be kneaded with wet hands. All acrylic and tempera colors are suitable for painting.

Fimo® Air Accessoires varnish for gloss and metallic leaves are especially suitable for decoration.


STAEDTLER Mars GmbH and Co. KG, Germany


for children under 3 years old! Risk of suffocation by inhalation/swallowing! Save the package!

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