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HUGGIES Baby wipes Pure (56 psc.)

HUGGIES Baby wipes Pure (56 psc.)

HUGGIES Baby wipes Pure (56 psc.)

  • Brand: Cernit
  • Weight: 300g
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Barcode: 5029053550039

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Huggies Pure children's fragrance-free wet wipes have a multi-layered structure, so it easily removes dirt.

Natural cellulose fibers are used in the production of napkins. Huggies Pure wipes and blivas,

The infusion contains purified water, gently wiping the delicate skin of the newborn. Huggies Pure wet wipes are

hypoallergenic and suitable for the delicate skin of the newborn due to the balanced Ph and its

composition is free of fragrances and alcohol. There is no "sticky" effect after use. Your baby's skin is clean and healthy.

Children's Huggies Pure fragrance-free wipes: - fragrance and alcohol-free,

sabalansets Ph .; - hypoallergenic, suitable for newborn skin; - soaked in purified water; - manufactured,

using natural cellulose fiber; - multilayer wipes; - without the "lipiga" effect.

HUGGIES® Pure with 99% pure water wipes provides natural cleansing of baby's skin.

65% of the wipes are made of natural * fibers. Cotton-like material very gently cleanses newborn skin!

This wipes do not contain fragrances, alcohol and other skin irritants. Wet wipes consist of natural,

absorbent fiber free of alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens, as well as hypoallergenic.

It is clinically tested and found to be skin friendly.

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