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To avoid misunderstandings, before ordering, please make sure that the products match your intentions: the right color, shape, size and material. In case of questions, please ask us questions by phone (+371) 27881581, or sending them by

You have right to refuse and return the goods purchased from Ltd. «DekoPasaule" within 14 calendar days after receiving it. This determines the 12. point of the Law on Consumer Protection (PTAL) and the Republic of Latvia Cabinet Regulation № 207 "Regulations on distance contracts."

If a defective product has been purchased, the buyer must immediately notify SIA «DekoPasaule» by phone (+371) 27881581, by e-mail, or by contacting the store Brīvības gatve 403 B, 2nd floor, Riga, Latvia, otherwise it will not be possible to return the product.

Refusing the goods, the money will not be returned for delivery, as this determines the 4 part 12 point of PTAL "Departure of refusal at a certain time terminates the contract and release the consumer from any obligations under the contract, excluding costs related to the return of the goods or things back to the manufacturer, seller or service provider." The costs for the return delivery of the goods are covered by the consumer.

The sixth part of paragraph 12 of the "Law of the Republic of Latvia Consumer Rights" provides that the consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and reliability of the product for a period of implementation of the right of refusal of the product. Ltd. «DekoPasaule» reserves the right to refuse the buyer to use the right to refuse the goods or to deduct the amount of compensation in the case the product has been used and / or damaged, if the product is not in original packaging or packaging significantly damaged. Obtaining the goods, you can check it, but do not use it. The original packaging must be preserved and unspoiled (should be carefully opened with scissors), as it defines PTAL (Part 6, Article 12, "the consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and reliability of the product for a period of realization of the right of refusal of the goods."

Starting the use of the goods purchased, the buyer confirms that item meets the desired and will no longer be accepted for return. Before using the product, please read the instructions, because the goods can not be returned if they are damaged due to improper use.

The money paid for the goods will be returned by transfer within 14 days after receipt of written notice of withdrawal and receipt of the returned goods by the seller. The money after return of the goods will be transferred to your bank or paypal account. Seller has the right to keep the money for the purchased goods as long as the buyer does not return the goods in online store.

The law on consumer protection is available here