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Jewelry pliers set, pack of 3 tools

Jewelry pliers set, pack of 3 tools

Jewelry pliers set, pack of 3 tools

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Made of drop-forged carbon steel with a rust-resistant nickel-plated coating, these jewelry-making pliers are built to last.

The well-polished surface reduces damage to your jewelry, while the double leaf spring design saves you time and effort.

Plus, the ergonomic, non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip.


These mini pliers, also known as needle nose pliers, have fine tips that can reach into narrow spaces for tiny projects.

They're perfect for gripping, bending, crimping, opening and closing jump rings, holding small objects, and shaping wire.


These small round nose pliers are versatile hand tools that can be used for a variety of tasks, from gripping and holding to bending and twisting wires.

They're great for making different-sized loops, creating your own eye pins, and making earrings, hoops, clasps, jump rings, coils, bends, and more.


Jewelry wire cutter is perfect for cutting a thin metal wire or flexible jewelry string wires.

The improved blade design provides smooth, flat, and clean cuts, making it easy to cut wires to your desired length.

It can be used for aluminum or copper wire and will be a valuable addition to your craft projects.


This set of 3 jewelry pliers mini is an ideal tool for jewelry making, repair, beading, wire wrapping, and more.

It's suitable for both beginners and professionals and makes a great gift for DIY enthusiasts and craft lovers.

With these high-quality tools, you'll be able to create beautiful jewelry pieces with ease.

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