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Padico Hearty, white, super lightweight modeling clay, 40 g

Padico Hearty, white, super lightweight modeling clay, 40 g

Padico Hearty, white, super lightweight modeling clay, 40 g

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Hearty Clay Super Lightweight Modeling Clay. This easy to work with clay air dries to a firm consistency within 24 hours.

It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate jewelry as well as sculptures, magnets and more.

Hearty Clay does not stick to fingers, yet will stick to core materials like wood, glass, wire, paper and plastic.

Once dry it remains flexible yet firm, is extremely lightweight, can be painted and sealed.

White is so true that when mixed with the color pigments the bright and beautiful tones are kept.

Mix different color consistent primary pigments together to achieve an infinite colour spectrum.

Hearty can also be tinted, or colored by adding acrylic paint.


For children from 8 years of age. Adult supervision is required.


Read the operating instructions before starting work, keep them in mind.

Information for first aid

In case of accidental overheating and inhalation of toxic gases, remove victim to fresh air and seek medical advice,

emergency medical care. In case of doubt, seek immediate medical attention with the material and/or packaging.

In case of injury, always seek medical attention.

Advice for adults or teachers

Read and follow the instructions for use, safety, and first aid recommendations, keep them for future reference.

Security regulations for EU countries

Keep younger children and animals away from work with polymeric materials.

Store chemicals and accessories out of the reach of children.

Wash hands after use, clean all shaping accessories.

Do not use accessories that are not included or are not recommended for use.

Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the area where working with polymeric materials.

Do not put materials or accessories in your mouth.

Do not heat in the microwave.

Waste management

The material can be disposed of in the normal way with household waste.

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