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PanPastel Starter Set - Painting (5 Color)

PanPastel Starter Set - Painting (5 Color)

PanPastel Starter Set - Painting (5 Color)

  • Brand: DekoPasaule
  • Weight: 150g
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  • 34.90€

Barcode: 879465001835

SKU: 5001180060051

Basic starter set with primary colors plus black and white for mixing tints and shades. All colors can be mixed to create intermediate colors.

Contains :

1 x Permanent Red 340.5

1 x Hansa Yellow 220.5

1 x Ultramarine Blue 520.5

1 x Titanium White 100.5

1 x Black 800.5

1 x Storage Jar

1 x Sofft Sponge Bar

2 x Sofft Knife Covers (No. 1 & No.2)

1 x Sofft Mini Applicator

PanPastel Colors

PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). Their special qualities mean that artists can blend and apply pastel (dry) color like paint for the first time. You can use PanPastel for painting, drawing and mixed media.

PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and super-blendable colors.

Each color is loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colors possible. The colors have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable.

You may watch our video with Tips and Tricks on how to use PanPastel Colors on our YouTube channel PolymerClayLatvia

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