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UHU universal glue "Extra", 31 g

UHU universal glue "Extra", 31 g

UHU universal glue "Extra", 31 g

  • Weight: 45g
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Barcode: 4026700460155

SKU: 1001200010007

Fast, durable, transparent, ideal for upright surfaces.

Intended for gluing porcelain, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, organic glass, felt, leather, cork, fabric, cardboard, paper.

Universal glue "UHU" is ideal for home repairs, handicrafts, school and office needs. Not suitable for gluing foam.

Apply glue to one of the surfaces to be glued, press together the two surfaces you want to glue.

Hard materials, such as ceramics, metal, glass - cover both surfaces with glue (they must be dry and degreased),

let them dry a little, and then apply a little more glue, in a thin layer, and press them together tightly.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children, keep out of reach.

Do not allow glue to get into eyes, mouth, etc.

If the glue gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them under running water and see a doctor!

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