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UV resin, hard, transparent, 25 ml

UV resin, hard, transparent, 25 ml

UV resin, hard, transparent, 25 ml

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Transparent UV Resin. It is a resin that cures UV in 2-3 minutes, 36W UV lamp. It is a one-component UV-curable UV resin used for surface dispensing of some decorations to achieve a colorful effect. The operation is simple, no need to be equipped, no need to enter the oven to bake, and the entire plastic drop process can be completed in a few minutes. The finished product has good optical transparency, the solidified material is crystal clear, smooth and bright as a mirror, good weather resistance and anti-yellowing. It has good adhesion to ceramics, glass, metal, stone and some hard plastics. It can be used for the cover of these materials or the three-dimensional shape of the surface, the nameplate is plasticized, and can also be used for the rapid positioning of electronic parts.


  • Drop the product on the part that needs to be dropped, and irradiate it with a 36-watt UV lamp at a distance of 20-25cm for 2-4 minutes.
  • If you need to increase the curing speed, just increase the power of the curing lamp.
  • If there is a hollow shell phenomenon, it means that the lamp illumination distance is too close, and the surface layer curing speed is too fast, and the lamp distance can be extended.
  • If your creation is more than 5 mm thick, it is necessary to reach the desired thickness by creating different layers. Each layer should be thoroughly dried before moving on to the next.
  • The faster the curing speed, the shrinkage rate is larger, the glue can not be too thick, otherwise the phenomenon of intermediate subsidence may occur.

Look for tips on how to use UV RESIN on YouTube channel

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